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What Is Hit It Rich Game?

The Hit it Rich is a Freemium Game that is free for all developed by Zynga. It is basically a Social network Casino Game and was first made available on Facebook.

The game was released in 2013 and today has millions of active Players Worldwide. Now, the Hit it Rich is officially available on Ios and Android Platform due to its Popularity.

All the active players on the Web version can continue with the Android restoring the progress. Sometimes the players also need to purchase certain features of the Game to Rank High.

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Game Play: Hit It Rich

Hit it Rich Gameplay and Interface is very Spectacular and Appealing for the Players. The Game has the number of Five Reel Slots that depends on the bet Size the players choose and Betting Lines.

As you continue to play the game, new amazing levels and bets are unlocked to explore the other levels. However, On the appearance of the three “Bonus” symbols on valid Line the players get extra round.

The game provides all the frequent players a loyalty program to grab more Coins. Also, at the top of the Screen bar on completion of every bet, the Bonus Points get added.

As the Bar is filled completely the players can explore to the next level. The Hit it Rich game has 5 Levels from Tin to Platinum which players need to Unlock.

Important Hit It Rich Game Features

  • The players experience Video Slot machines that give Vegas Style feel.
  • The Game has beautiful Commercial themes like Wizard of Oz, The Terminator.
  • The Hit it rich is available in 7 languages worldwide.
  • It is part of the larger Zynga Casino Franchise.
  • The is available on all the platforms IOs, Android and Social.
  • Every player has to achieve the desired points and goals to proceed to the next level.
  • In Conclusion, the Game is Free For all, there is some important stuff that you need Purchase to Explore Better.

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Need For Free Coins and Casino Slots For Hit It Rich!!

The most important Source to sustain in the Hit It Rich Game is Coins and Slots. So, All the Players are ready to compete only for Game Coins so as to survive in the game.

The Casino Slots are necessary to generate the Coins and progress to the Next Level. Hit It Rich Coins takes the player to the next level and always a Coin Score is Shown at the Top.

Try to grab as many coins you can with the Slots. After that, improve the rankings in the game.

So, You Should Only Focus on generating the maximum number of Coins during the Gameplay.

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5 Tricks to Grab Free Coins Hit it Rich:-

Some of the Simple Tips and Tricks to Grab the Free Coins for Hit It Rich are mention below.

1)Free Coins Through Hit It Rich Gameplay

  • The Game is somehow dependent on the Social Connect the players have with their friends.
  • You need to play the Game and try your Luck on Casino Slot Machine to win the Free Coins.
  • One can win 1000 of Coins daily if he plays frequently and Explores the new Levels.
  • You and your Friend with each other’s help can grab more free coins and slots.

So, always try to enjoy the game in your Spare time and Win the Coins.

2)Free Coins From Social Network Facebook and Twitter

  • The players can win 20% off Free Coins from other Social Platform.
  • Check out the twitter and Facebook Official pages of Hit It Rich Game and grab the free coins.
  • Slots and Spins Come Free if you extend the Game on Facebook with your Friends.
  • There are Official Pages On Facebook that releases the Giveaways of free coins to the players.
  • The Hit it Rich Twitter handler also provides free Slots to the players frequently.
  • You can make a free account and follow the news to win the quiz and free slots.
  • Share the Game with your friends and family to increase the game Loyalty Bonus.

3)Giveaways on Zynga Platform for Free Coins and Spins

  • The Zynga is the Franchise and partner for the Hit it Rich Game.
  • Occasionally the Players can win a chance to get the free coins and slots on such Platform.
  • So, if you are updated you can win more free coins and can level up in the game.
  • Also, Check another platform on the Web to find ways to grab the Coins and Slots.

4)Free Gift Cards for Free Coins on Hit it Rich

  • There are many other platforms like Amazon, play store and eBay that provides free Gift Cards.
  • You can check on the Gifts Section of these platforms to find the Gift Cards.
  • All the free cards can be used to purchase the free coins and Slots eventually.
  • So, If it a good deal you can buy the gift card also and store for free Coins.

5)Free Spins and Coins through High Bets and Bonus

  • The Hit it Rich game is user-Friendly Game that always cares about its players.
  • In the Game, the player can bet high and can grab the chance to win more Loot.
  • If the player wins the High Bet number of Coins and Slots are allowed to the Players.
  • All the slots can be used to generate more Spins and then more Coins In the Game.
  • Thus the Player Grows with the more Coins in the Pocket and also the Rank Improves.
  • Also, In high Bets, the Bonus Coins are Given to the players like the reward.
  • So, Always try to Bet High if you can and Win number Coins. Above all, it will Improve your rankings.

Frequently Asked Questions 

1) What are Casino Slot Machines? How they are Useful for Players?

The Casino Slot Machine is a tool where the players will get free Slots and Spins. The players can generate free Coins from the spins of Casino Slot Machine.

The Casino slot machine is very Important to rank up. In other words, it is the heart of Hit It Rich.

2) How many Coins one can Win from Our Hit It Rich Coins Generator?

The players can win Unlimited number of Coins from the Free Coin Generator. In one time the players can win Coins between 50,000 to 10,0000 and it depends on the Luck of the Player Using Generator. However, You can visit a number of times daily.

3)Can the data be restored in Android Version of the Hit It Rich Game?

Yes, The players who are playing on the web version previously can continue with the Android. In other words, All the data and Levels are restored on the Android Platform.

Final Words

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